We help Enterprises, SMEs and Startups to build, operate and monitor their public cloud environments.

This helps reduce operational overhead, accelerate cloud adoption and help businesses focus on product innovation.

We automate common activities, such as change requests, monitoring, patch management, security, and backup services, and provide a 24×7 support model to provision, run and support cloud infrastructure.


Benefits of Cloud Managed Services


Lower Costs

Cloud-managed services reduce high network maintenance costs while also eliminating the cost of maintaining an in-house IT department.


24x7 Support

With a 24×7 help desk, as well as on-ground solution architect, available as and when needed, issues are dealt with faster.


Business Continuity

In case of loss of data due to an unforeseen event, data recovery on cloud is made easy so your business can function with minimal interruptions.


Timely reporting

Timely reports and continuous monitoring ensure better uptime.


Increased Flexibility

With cloud-managed services it is easier to upgrade and keep up with the latest technological developments, keeping your business ahead.

• Monitoring & Alerts
• Infrastructure Alerts
• Application Alerts
• Centralised Logging

• Business Continuity Plan
• Defining RTO/RPO
• Automated Backup and retention
• Cold/Warm backup policies

• Reporting
• Quarterly/monthly/weekly Reports
• Application Alerts
• Centralised Logging

• Governance
• Automated Security Compliance
• Cloud activity logging and policy enforcement
• Automated cost & account management

• 24x7 Service Desk
• Shared/Dedicated reliability engineers
• Service Assurance with SLAs

• Cloud SOC
• Security posture reporting
• Threat detection and analysis
• Security tools setup

Benefits of Cloud Migration

We help organizations of all shapes and sizes migrate to the cloud and free-up resources by lowering IT costs while improving productivity, operational resiliency, and business agility. Given our proven customer success in migrating complex workloads, we have developed a solid migration framework to accelerate and make cloud migration a breeze.


Increased Productivity

The convenience of accessing data from anywhere and everywhere allows businesses great freedom to innovate from anywhere they want, whenever they want.


Faster go to Market

Provision of the entire infra as and when required, no need for capacity planning.


Increased Collaboration

With greater interconnection between each and every segment of your business, your business can collaborate more effectively.



Both hardware and software-level redundancy protect you from loss of data.


Reduced Management Costs

With autoscaling, you can provision additional systems as and when required, while turning them off when not needed. This helps reduce expenses.

• Advisory Services
• Application assessment
• Cloud readiness
• Defining Cloud roadmap

• Rehost (Lift & Shift)
• VM and data migration
• Minimal application changes
• Leverage Cloud Infra services

• Refactor
• Changing existing codebase
• App Modernisation
• De-coupling application

• Replatform (Build and Deploy)
• SaaS-ification
• Serverless/Containerisation

• Repurchase
• Retire
• Relocate
• Retain
• Leverage cloud PaaS services
• Managed Database, load balancing, etc.

Cloud Adoption Benefits


Services. Perfectly Managed.

We employ Managed Services to significantly streamline your business, tailoring your solutions to meet digital market demands.


Fail Fast with the Cloud.

Prototype your new business features within less than a week & without having to invest a single penny.


Improve your ROI.

Using the Cloud, we launch your product to market quickly and cost-effectively – making sure it’s future-proof, scalable, reliable, and secure.

• AWS Security Services
• Data Protection From Unauthorized Access
• Identity & Access Management To Securely Manage Identity, Permissions, Resources, Etc.
• Network And Application Protection
• Threat Detections And Continuous Monitoring
• Compliance And Data Privacy

• AWS Workspaces
• Desktop Virtualization Service For Windows And Linux
• High Performance Desktops
• Reducing Downtime With Fully Managed Application Delivery With High Reliability
• Optimize Costs With On-Demand, Pay-As-You-Go Scaling With A Range Of Compute, Memory, And Storage Options.

• AWS Micro Services
• High-Performance Containerization Management service
• Serverless Infrastructure Management
• MDevOps – Managing The Code Lifecycle From Commit To Run.
• Secure Data Storage Service For Scalability And Durability
• Networking Services With High Throughput And Sub-millisecond Latency

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