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Kubernetes Training Program
Eligibility This Kubernetes certification training is intended specifically for Kubernetes cluster administrators. Anyone interested in learning how to work with Kubernetes also will benefit from this learning path. The Kubernetes training is also well-suited for: Software Developers Software Engineers System Administrators Linux Administrators Cloud Architects Cloud Consultants Pre-requisites The prerequisites for taking up this Kubernetes training includes, a solid understanding of containers, and Docker, in particular, is beneficial. Our Docker Compose in-depth course will help you learn about Docker. Working experience with Linux shells is beneficial but not mandatory.
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
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Manual Scheduling
Labels and Selectors
Taints and Tolerations
Node Selectors
Node Affinity
Daemon Sets
Static Pods
Multiple Schedulers

Logging and Monitoring
Monitor Cluster Components
Managing Application Logs

Application Lifecycle Management
Rolling Updates and Rollbacks
Multi Container PODs
ConfigMaps and Secrets

Persistent Volumes
Persistent Volume Claims
Storage Class Using PVCs in PODs

Cluster Maintenance
Upgrading Kubernetes Components
Upgrading the Underlying Operating System
Backup and Restore a Kubernetes Cluster

Authentication & Authorization
Configure Network Policies
TLS Certificates for Cluster Components

Cluster Networking
Pod Networking
CNI in Kubernetes
CNI Weave
Service Networking
DNS/CoreDNS in Kubernetes

Installation and Configuration Kubernetes Cluster Troubleshooting
Application Failure
Control Plane Failure
Worker Node Failure
Networking Failure
Advanced Kubectl Commands

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